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#70 -1.0
i think i have to use my laptop
to restore this shit

any reason?

because the problem might be not upd to date xp
and i cant update xp on the desktop
cuz of the genuine windows shit

an apple product can't be fixed because of windows
fucking hilarious

#59 3.0
[about a Kingdom Hearts II cutscene]
Josh: To the beach?
Zach: ...
#44 0.0
Josh: I always put names in alphabetical order.
Zach: Really? I put them in Zach Linder order.
#36 1.0
bizatch: so if you'll indulge me i'd like to bitch for about a minute
bizatch: kk?
*** "Glencora" signed off
#24 3.0
[on Ventrilo]

Zach: So I'm working on my inside joke archive website...
Eli: What's that?
Zach: Have you ever heard of BASH.org?
Eli: No.
Zach: Oh, well it's a site where people submit funny quotes and they get reviewed and posted.  Basically
it's people making fun of stupid people.  So for the final project of one of my classes I had to make a
website that had to do with one of the lecture topics.  And one lecture topic was 'Appropriation and
Parody.' So I appropriated BASH.org's idea of submitting quotes, and the parody is that they're all
inside jokes so they're only funny to like one or two people.  It's actually an idea I had back when I
was trying to make my personal site (which I kept redesigning so it never went up), one of the sections
would've been a place to submit funny chats.  But yeah the sites almost done, you can add quotes, view
latest quotes, vote for or against them and view the top rated ones.
Eli: Okay I'm back, so what's this website thing?
#17 2.0
Josh: Hey, are you on AIM?
Zach: No.
Josh: Hey, are you a bitch?
Zach: Oh, wait, yea, I'm on AIM.
#14 1.0
bizatch: w
bizatch: t
bizatch: f
bizatch: a
bizatch: r
bizatch: e
bizatch: y
bizatch: o
bizatch: u
TheDirtyCarni: SHUT UP
bizatch: d
bizatch: o
bizatch: i
bizatch: n
bizatch: g
TheDirtyCarni: G
TheDirtyCarni: ET
TheDirtyCarni: TTING
TheDirtyCarni: OFF
bizatch: o
bizatch: k
bizatch: a
bizatch: y
TheDirtyCarni signed off at 12:10:10 AM.
#12 0.0
chet: cuz i know who u hang out with zach....
bizatch: sure u do
chet: druggies.... ure like natasha
bizatch: k
chet: druggies....
#11 1.0
bizatch: send me corndogs
bizatch: NOW

nocturne: hmm...can't find the file
nocturne: u know the extension on it?
bizatch: look in eatables
bizatch: corndog.yum
nocturne: damn
nocturne: i have a corndog.crap
bizatch: nonono
bizatch: u need .yum
bizatch: i forgot the site
bizatch: for the update
bizatch: =/
#4 1.0
:: some level in hunter ::
Ben: should we go over there?
Zach: we already beated that