tag: mike4

#47 2.0
:: Sara bursts out laughing ::
Mike: Do you think Sara enjoyed that?
Zach:  How.. how can you tell?
JT: From the small explosion that occured.
Zach: In her FACE.
Mike: I've been involved in many small explosions in Sara's face.
#34 2.0
Mike: Modulo is going to harass me tonight.
Rich: Harass you?
Mike: Yeah it touches me at night
Mike: and I'm like 
Mike: "noooo"
Mike: and it's like
Mike: "yesss"
#13 -1.0
Mike: and im gonna invest in alienware
Mike: CUZ
Mike: people will buy computers from them
Mike: when theirs suck too much
Mike: to play HL2
#3 3.0
:: mike looking at gumballs next to comp ::
Mike: quick get me a green and a white
:: zach pulls out the ps color picker ::
Zach: green and a white huh..
Mike: NO, THE GUMBALLS, i dont want hex codes!