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#101 0.0
Holden: I guess rape is a big deal...
Zak: ...
Holden: What?  I'm just trying to be sensitive.
#95 0.0
Keith: I can give you the answers.
Holden: No, you can go see the crotch monster!
Holden: Ow! You scratched my face!
Keith:  I was protecting against the crotch monster!
#81 -1.0
[Holden, lying on the floor]: Oh my god, someone hump me.
#80 1.0
a:active {
	color: #a5525e;
	border: 1px dotted #a5525e;
If (Holden) {
Holden = Holden + Vodka;

.tc {text-align: center;}
.tr {text-align: right;}
.tl {text-align: left;}
#74 1.0
Josh: so
Josh: dining halls open yet?
Holden: ?
Holden: no
Holden: yay takeout
Josh: yey
Josh: indeed
Josh: i have sooo much stuff to bring up
Holden: with me? what you got beef?
Holden: is there something you're keeping from me?!
Josh: yes
Holden: because I kept a lot from you too
Holden: okay you go
Josh: i have bad news holden
Josh: from the tests we've conducted
Josh: it's been determined... that...
Holden: you're staying with me?
Josh: ...you're gay.
Holden: wow... was it the liking butt-sex with other men?
Josh: mostly, yea.
Josh: also the high-pitched voice, and flagrant behaviour.
Holden: and because I happen to like the show "scrubs"
Josh: now your turn
Holden: Josh...
Holden: I'm gay.
Josh: oh shit
Josh: i didn't know
Holden: I know, I'm sorry.
Josh: omg
Josh: how could you do this to me
Holden: I know you planned for us not to get married...
Holden: but... there's nothing we can do now
Holden: it's like the saying goes...
Holden: "Josh Greenman, you are doomed to marry Holden"
Josh: i always WAS a bit intimidated by that proverb :/
Holden: funny how specific it is now... when before you're just like "WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?
Josh: i know
Josh: that happens to me all the time
Holden: "HOLDEN DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS?!" "umm... not a clue..."
#60 0.0
[at the same time]
Zach/Josh: Fuck your couch.
Zach: Actually, it ends with the n-word, but I can't say it with that one.
Holden: The nice one, or the not-nice one?
Zach: The not nice one.
Josh: There's a nice one?
Josh: ...er, wait, nevermind.
#57 6.0
Rich: So I won these Gundam models...
Zach: WHAT? GIVE THEM TO ME! I have paints and glue and everything.  I deserve them!
Rich: I have paints and glue and everything too..
Holden: NO! GIVE THEM TO ME!  Why do you think they call me Holden "Likes to Build Models" Holden?
#37 3.0
Holden: I'm never sick.
Josh: But, you're sick right now. I can hear it in your voice. You're congested.
Holden: No I'm not. I'm just sounding very manly.
#30 2.0
Holden: I need energy though.... urrgh...
Josh: I'm living off a 2liter of cherry coke atm
   ifstream Energydrain;
Josh: ...
Josh: that was possibly the geekiest thing you've EVER said to me
Holden: ...maybe.
Holden: but at least the syntax was okay.
#18 0.0
Josh: Oh my god. This is amazing. We're playing, like, the same game. At the same time! And we're like,
at the same place! WOOOWWW~!
[To Rich, about Prince of Persia 3]
Holden: ...just like when you play Final Fantasy XI?
Josh: Oh yea.