#74 1.0
Josh: so
Josh: dining halls open yet?
Holden: ?
Holden: no
Holden: yay takeout
Josh: yey
Josh: indeed
Josh: i have sooo much stuff to bring up
Holden: with me? what you got beef?
Holden: is there something you're keeping from me?!
Josh: yes
Holden: because I kept a lot from you too
Holden: okay you go
Josh: i have bad news holden
Josh: from the tests we've conducted
Josh: it's been determined... that...
Holden: you're staying with me?
Josh: ...you're gay.
Holden: wow... was it the liking butt-sex with other men?
Josh: mostly, yea.
Josh: also the high-pitched voice, and flagrant behaviour.
Holden: and because I happen to like the show "scrubs"
Josh: now your turn
Holden: Josh...
Holden: I'm gay.
Josh: oh shit
Josh: i didn't know
Holden: I know, I'm sorry.
Josh: omg
Josh: how could you do this to me
Holden: I know you planned for us not to get married...
Holden: but... there's nothing we can do now
Holden: it's like the saying goes...
Holden: "Josh Greenman, you are doomed to marry Holden"
Josh: i always WAS a bit intimidated by that proverb :/
Holden: funny how specific it is now... when before you're just like "WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?
Josh: i know
Josh: that happens to me all the time
Holden: "HOLDEN DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS?!" "umm... not a clue..."