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Oh my I did a bunch of stuff: Increased the most recent and popular lists from 5 to 10 entries; Added the Akismet PHP class to my spam-combatting arsenal; Made the all tags page display the tags in a cloud instead of a display-buggy list. Boy am I tired.— zak [January 3rd, 2007]

I fiddled around with mod_rewrite somewhat successfully. I'm probably the only one who cares, but anyway, that's the point of this thing!— zak [June 6th, 2006]

Check out those top 5 lists over there →
Pretty spiffy, eh?— zak [June 1st, 2006]

Is that a search field I see? Why yes, yes it is. It will match your search term(s) in quote text as well as tags. Enjoy yourself.— zak [May 4th, 2006]

Holy crap, a favicon.ico! I have joined the ranks of the elite.— zak [May 3rd, 2006]

The site is finally presentable! I'm really glad I got this done. I look forward to seeing all of the not-so-funny-to-me submissions! And yes, I know that “quote” is an often-misused verb and that the correct term is “quotation.” All I have to say on that subject is: tough nuts. — zak [May 2nd, 2006]

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